The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank

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The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank Empty The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank

Post by Harlan03111 on Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:31 am

I want to start off by noting that I am late for this review of the Ke-Ni. As of now, the Ke-Ni has been removed from the premium shop for obvious is way too OP. I will be detailing how to play this tank for people that have it and how to kill these tanks for people that want one. And...sorry guys. Doesn't look like you'll be getting one if you don't already have one.

Now, I love this tank.
I really do.
At Tier III, when I first saw it, I said "Nah, that's stupid. It's a Japanese light tank, they suck!"

Boy, was I wrong.

4 clip autoloader.
30 average damage per shot for AP shells.
50 average damage per shot for HE shells.
That means easily 120 damage per clip for AP.
And 200 damage per clip for HE.

This thing is what professional seal clubbers use. Seriously.

Some specs before we move onto how we play this tank:
HP= 390
Hull= (16,12,19)
Turret= (30, 16,16)
Weight= 7.4t
Engine= 130 hp
Specific Power= 18.06
Speed limit= 50 km/h
Traverse= 52 dg/sec
Turret Traverse= 36 dg/sec
ROF= 48.00
Aiming time= 1.6
Disp= 0.4
DPM AP= 1920
DPM HE= 2400

This tank really only lacks in terms of armor. It's fast, it's maneuverable, and it's DEADLY. The gun on the Type 100 is amazing--great pen, unfathomable damage at Tier III. Although it doesn't beat a BT-2 or BT-7 in a beeline race, it will circle strafe in a smaller circle, making this this great at doing the Circle of Death. Additionally, this gun is more accurate than the Cromwell while moving, meaning that when firing on the move, you can expect to hit at least one shot from medium range.

Now, I have 50 battles in this tank and a 65% win rate in it. I believe my WN7 rating is unicum in this tank and I just got my Raseini's today. However, some people (ahem, Poop) aren't doing so well in this tank. Honestly, I haven't been doing that well either recently, and I think I got it figured out. When the match first starts, play it like an experienced tanker plays the BT-7. I like to wait, or ever back up and watch my teammates. If they all lemming one way, I follow them and flank off when targets are spotted. I realized that I got cocky in this tank, and I was the first one out the gate to go frag me some noobs, and I come out with a defeat and only 600 damage done.

Now I've realized that it's best to just wait with your team. If they're all AFK, stick with them.

The key thing to success in this tank: DON'T BE THE ONLY THING TO SHOOT AT.
This tank has NO ARMOR, but a deadly gun. If you can have the rest of your team eat all the shots while you snipe or hit the enemy in the sides or ass, it's a win for you. The DPM on this gun is way too high for the enemy to be alive for very long. As narcissistic as it sounds, use your team as cannon fodder and sacrifices. It's for the "greater good".

I think this tank is great because it can be multi-role. It can be a spotter, but in a Tier III game in Blitz, the maps are so small that spotting just means suicide. It can brawl with tanks if you have full health, because your DPM is so much higher than every other tank that you will come out on top, like the JgTig 88 mm. It's a flanker (and it's the best at this). It's speed and maneuverability can quickly get around two or three tanks and quickly isolate them from reinforcements. It's also a sniper. The Type 100's gun is so accurate that I've done some pretty good support games on maps like Winter Malinovka, since nobody understands to cap the Windmill first. I just sit at the hill like a TD and fire away. Like the JgTig, this gun's reload and firing speed is so fast that missing really doesn't mean anything.

Also, another thing...This autoloader's clip reload is amazingly fast. I am under the impression that the clip loads about as fast, if not faster than a Matilda loads one shell. And that old bird's fast.
That means that you can perma-track tanks and fire away. You will reload your 4-shell clip before they fix the track.

Other tips for playing this tank:
If you are in a Tier III match, always check if HE will pen. If it will pen, shoot HE. HE absolutely erases health in chunks small enough that most drivers don't realize it until they're dead.
HE will pen most Tier III and II tanks from the side and rear.
If in a Tier IV match, don't be shy to let the special AP fly. I've fired all 20 rounds of my premium AP and still come out with a profit.
Your threats: TD's with big-ass howitzers, Matildas, and other Ke-Nis.
You can pen the Matilda ONLY through the ass with special AP.
Target other Ke-Ni's first, even if a T82 is staring at you with his howitzer. Kill that Ke-Ni as it is a much bigger threat.
You can pen T82s, Marder IIs, and Panzer Jäg Is with HE!!
Your speed is to get you OUT of trouble, not FURTHER INTO trouble.

56 AP
20 Special AP
30 HE

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Coated Optics

Auto Extinguisher
Multi-restoration pack
Small repair kit

Time for some victory photos:
The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank <a href=The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1412  The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1413  The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1414  The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1415  The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1430  The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank IMG_1431" />

My favorite is still the Raseini's. Smile

Truly, even if it is Tier III, this thing is a great money maker. Good games will constitute 30-40k credits easily. And these will be fast games. If you like this tank like me, you won't even realize you've spent an hour on the same tank.
Now, all this is great and all, but if we don't own one, how do we deal with it?
1. Hope that they suck and they don't know how to play it.
2. Hope they try to bum rush you
3. Stick together. Try to get your team to kill the Ke-Ni first.
4. If the Ke is spotted, KILL IT FIRST. It is MUCH more dangerous than the T82 or Marder II or Hetzer sitting in your face.
5. If all else fails, ram the damn thing. It weighs less than a Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, and F-250. Pretty much anything will do some serious ramming damage to this thing.
6. If you see the Ke-Ni, relocate, back off. Don't try to brawl with him. Chances are, he knows what his tank is capable of.

I really hope that this helps. Please leave a comment below if you guys have any questions whatsoever.

Keep those barrels hot!


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The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank Empty Re: The Ke-Ni--Tier III Premium Tank

Post by PoD on Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:43 pm

Harlan03111 wrote:...and I just got my Raseini's today. However, some people (ahem, Poop) aren't doing so well in this tank...

Hey! To be fair, I've only got like 10 games in it. >_<

Super-sweet write-up, Harlan. Too bad I'll likely be the only one to read it! Lol.

Gotta start spamming these forums amongst the troops...


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