The JadgTiger 8.8 cm--Premium Tier VIII Heavy

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The JadgTiger 8.8 cm--Premium Tier VIII Heavy Empty The JadgTiger 8.8 cm--Premium Tier VIII Heavy

Post by Harlan03111 on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:57 pm

The 8.8 cm Pak 43 JadgTiger.
The tier 8 premium tank destroyer.
It can really be a pain in the ass to play.
If you're an avid player, chances are, you bought this tank with it's special 2015 camo. If you're me, then you didn't start putting money into this game until just about a month ago, and now you're kicking yourself for not spending a bit of cash before to buy it.
Anyways, if you've read my posts, you'll know that I've had a bit of problem winning games in this tank. I understand that it's a TD that isn't meant to carry games, and it really can't. Not unless you're hull down and all seven of the enemy are right in front of you. If anybody has played this tank, they'll know that the upper superstructure of the tank is nearly impenetrable, with only the BL-10 on the ISU-152 being able to penetrate that superstructure 100% of the time.
The problem is, this tank is slow. REALLY SLOW. (not doom turtle slow, but it won't bounce shots on its lower glacis).
My question?
What are your guys' favorite hull-down spots on all the maps?
For anyone who is reading this and is thinking of buying the JadgTiger…
I think it's worth buying. It's a great credit printer. The 8.8 cm gun doesn't have good penetration and horrible alpha damage, but it compensates that with an accurate 88 mm German gun which can snipe from across the map. That, combined with its 11.11 rounds per minute, makes this great machine dish out 2,666 damage per minute, the highest DPM of any tank in the game.
Tips on how to play the tank:

  • Hide that lower glacis. Get into spots where you can hull-down.

  • When firing, always shoot that front of back drive wheel FIRST! Typically, if you can track them, your team can pen the sides of the tank while you just keep that poor tank perma-tracked. Due to its high reload speed, this tank is able to just fire at the same place, over and over again, thus not allowing the repair crew to repair the track. That poor tank is stuck there. Just punish him.

  • Don't go lone wolf. Just…don't. Unless you're on Dead Rail and you're up on the snow embankment on the right/left near side of your spawn, don't try it.

  • Don't get flanked. (Duh). This tank is slow. If you get flanked and your team cannot help you, 90% of the time, you will die.

  • Last, but not least, keep in mind, this tank is not a game-carrier. It can change the game and tide of battle, but it can't make up for crap teams. Always look at the monetary gains from it. It is an absolute credit printer


Now that brings me back to my original question. I wanted to introduce this tank because it really is an awesome machine. The problem is finding hull-down positions.
So, to all JagdTiger drivers and Tier 7+ American Heavy drivers…what are your favorite hull-down positions on each map?
Comment below!!

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The JadgTiger 8.8 cm--Premium Tier VIII Heavy Empty Re: The JadgTiger 8.8 cm--Premium Tier VIII Heavy

Post by PoD on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:01 pm

I really do want one of these. German TDs are kind of "my thing" - or at least what I started on and the only line I've finished to date!

You make it sound fun. Thanks, Harlan!


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