Tired of Old American Commanders For Every Tank??

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Tired of Old American Commanders For Every Tank?? Empty Tired of Old American Commanders For Every Tank??

Post by Harlan03111 on Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:07 pm

Hello tankers!
Is everyone tired of the really American commander you get for every single tank?
Yeah. I know, I tired of it too. Especially when I'm driving my German, Russian, or Chinese tanks. It just doesn't fit.
WOT PC will automatically change the language of your commander and give you a different commander when you're playing another nation's tank. WOT Blitz doesn't do that.
Or does it...?

I've figured out a way around this issue, and it's pretty hassle-free compared to other posts I've seen in the NA Blitz Forums (which require coding and BS like that).
It changes the entire interface's language, but if you've played enough to be tired of your commander's voice, I'm sure you remember things through keystrokes and icons.
Go to your sidebar menu (the triple lines in the top left-most corner of your screen), don't scroll, but look to the last tab--Settings. It is below "Disconnect From Server". Open Settings and to go the last tab, "Other". The first option will be "Set Language". If you open that up, you can set the game language to any language you want, and the commander will follow suit!

No more American voices in your Russian tanks! Now Russians can drive Russian tanks! When selecting to change language, you will have to restart the game, which really isn't that big of an issue. If your internet is bad enough to the point where restarting the game is an issue, then your ping must be off the charts...

Anyways, have fun playing with the languages! Each language has it's own commander, so swap it around and try different languages! I thought this was a really cool trick, so I decided to share it!

If you have any questions regarding this, comment below!

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